Why You Need Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery in Attleboro, MA

Anywhere you go in Southeastern Massachusetts, you are likely to see large vehicles of every shape, size, and purpose. With many industries being located within the region, we see a lot of different types of trucks making their way in and out of the Greater Boston area on the I-95, I-495, as well as other busy highways and roads. Where there are big trucks, there is a definite need for heavy duty towing and recovery services. Accidents, rollovers, high centers, and breakdowns can all require the assistance of specialized trucks and teams who can help in even the most demanding situations.

Cities and towns that are located on or near these main interstates see a lot of big rigs on their way to and from industrial businesses. Attleboro, Mansfield, and Norton are all located in an area where the I-95 and I-495 connect. This busy area sees thousands of trucks each day, including car hauling companies, cargo transportation specialists, intermodal trucking, logistics and transportation companies, and even trucks from local Massachusetts industries. It is important to learn the local area and know who you can call to provide you with heavy duty towing and recovery services in Southeastern Massachusetts.

Professional Towing Equipment
While standard tow trucks are ideal for providing services to the average car, van or pick-up truck owner, they can’t possibly handle heavy duty towing situations for big rigs, commercial buses or straight trucks. Professional towing equipment for heavy duty situations is designed to be much larger and stronger, providing boosted recovery options and pulling power to help in even the most complex recovery situations. Specialized equipment helps these companies to provide complete towing services for large vehicles, such as under-reach technology and high-powered towing capabilities, which are all designed to provide damage-free towing.

Big Wheel Towing & Recovery is located in Freetown, MA. These cities within the connection of the I-95 and I-495, which include Attleboro, Mansfield, and Norton, as well as many other smaller towns and rural locations, are all part of our service area. We have a full fleet of vehicles and professional towing equipment, including ramp trucks, hydraulic wreckers, cranes, landoll tractor and trailer units, large off-road track vehicles, boats, a hovercraft, and front-end loaders. We also own the largest factory-built wrecker in the country – a five-axle Kenworth T800 unit with a Jerrdan 85-ton rotator on it. We specialize in heavy duty towing services, and all of our recovery personnel are WreckMaster 6/7 certified.

Extreme Towing & Recovery in Attleboro
Drivers of heavy duty vehicles, including truck drivers, commercial and private bus drivers, and operators of bobtails and straight trucks need to know who to call in an emergency that can provide complete towing services and recovery in the local area. Our team has the equipment, the training, and the experience to get the job done right. We are authorized to provide these emergency services to state police and local law enforcement agencies, so we get a lot of calls directly from these departments when a major accident or situation occurs. However, it pays to have information ahead of time so you can know who to call in an emergency for towing and recovery in Attleboro or anywhere in the surrounding area.

  • Semi Trucks – Regardless of what you’re hauling, heavy duty towing is required for these heavy duty vehicles. Our team can assist you, transporting your vehicle to the required destination. Customized hook-ups and specialized training help our team to prevent causing further damage to your vehicle. It is important to work with a well-trained team that has the professional towing equipment necessary to get the job done right. Make sure you know who to call when you are in the Southeastern Massachusetts area to assist with towing and recovery in Attleboro or any of the other cities and towns along the way.
  • Extreme Vehicles – Outside of standard semi trucks and trailers, other extreme vehicles may require complete towing services and recovery as well. Commercial buses, bobtails, and straight trucks depend on heavy duty towing services and specialized equipment for recovery and transportation. There are a variety of challenges, including the length, shape, and weight of these vehicles. Wheel lift and under-reach capabilities are used to reduce the potential for damage and offer safe transportation of these extreme vehicles. Other types of specialty, over-sized and heavy equipment can also be transported with this kind of professional towing equipment.

Call Big Wheel Towing & Recovery in Freetown, MA
Our team provides complete towing services to clients within a 50-mile radius of our tow yard. That means we can offer towing and recovery in Attleboro and the surrounding area, as well as other major cities and small towns within the region. Give us a call at 1-508-763-5927 to learn more about our professional towing equipment and capabilities for heavy duty towing and recovery.