Underwater Recovery Services in Fall River for Heavy Duty Trucks

While many truck drivers and trucking companies won’t ever have to deal with emergency recovery in Fall River that involves underwater recovery services, it is an unfortunate fact of life that underwater situations do happen. Southeastern Massachusetts is home to many bodies of water and is surrounded by miles of jagged coastline, so the chances of encountering water at some point are quite high. Vehicles that go off the road, over bridges or even in several feet of puddled water on the side of the road will require the assistance of specialized tow trucks and highly trained team members to get out of that situation.

Underwater recovery services are available through Big Wheel Towing & Recovery. We are located in Freetown, MA and provide services within a 50-mile radius of our tow yard. That means that we can assist clients all over the Cape and on up into the lakes regions that include Fall River, Lakeview, Mashpee, Pembroke, as well as many cities and towns that are located along rivers, ponds, lakes, bays, and, of course, the Atlantic Ocean. If you are in a crash, have an engine that malfunctions, or get into a serious accident that involves water in some way, shape, or form, you can count on our professional towing and recovery services anywhere in the local region.

Fall River Towing and Recovery
Whether there is a flood due to extreme weather conditions, a blown water main or an accident causes your truck to go off the main road and into a body of water, you should never attempt to get it out yourself. Underwater recovery services involve training and certification for our crew and specialized tow trucks. Any attempts on your own could put you at great risk for injury or cause damage to your rig. Even if the vehicle is not completely submerged, it is important that you never try to start it or move it. Emergency recovery in Fall River and the surrounding area will do everything they can to reduce damage to your truck and get it out of the water safely and securely.

We are authorized by state police and local law enforcement to provide emergency recovery services, including underwater recovery services. However, it is a good idea for truck drivers who work in the local area, local trucking companies and industries, as well as drivers who frequently drive the highways, roads, and interstates in Southeastern Massachusetts to keep our information handy in case they need it for emergency recovery and heavy duty towing. Our team is highly trained in every type of big rig emergency and we have all of the latest equipment and technology required to recovery and tow your vehicle, regardless of the size or situation.

What to Expect
The process of recovery will vary depending on whether it is in shallow or deep water, as well as if there are obstacles, such as rocks or structures, in the way. It pays to work with a team of experts who regularly train and prepare for this type of work. This is why we have specialized tow trucks of different sizes and purposes at our disposal in our fleet. If a vehicle is more than half way submerged or fully submerged, it could take several hours due to the obstacles that are present in the water. Trucks that veer off the highway through a guard rail and into a river or lake can require much more time than a parked truck that got caught in a couple feet of shoulder flooding due to heavy rains.

Some of the hazards that must be considered for underwater recovery services include:

  • entanglement – in trees, guard rails, etc.
  • settling – the weight of the big rig can settle in soft or sandy ground
  • hard-to-see objects in dark, murky or fast-moving water

Trained divers use many different tools to assist with this type of emergency recovery in Fall River and throughout Southeastern Massachusetts, depending on the situation. One of the tools that they use is something known as “lifting bags,” which are designed specifically for underwater recovery. They edge them carefully under the vehicle and use them to lift the vehicle out of the water carefully to minimize damage. While not appropriate for all situations due to the extreme weight of the vehicle or the situation, they can be helpful in some recoveries. Our certified dive team is fully trained to recover vehicles that go over guard rails, bridges or find their way into the water.

Give us a call at 1-508-763-5927 to speak with one of our team members. We can provide you with more information about our Fall River towing and recovery, specialized tow trucks, underwater recovery services, and give details about options for emergency recovery in Fall River, Mashpee, Lakeview, Pembroke, the Cape, the Greater Boston area, and anywhere else in our service area.