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Recovery Billing Unlimited

Instructors are Bob and Eric Fouquette from Big Wheel Towing & Recovery.

They teach:

  • Remediation of the accident scene
  • Proper way of writing recovery invoices
  • Billing liability insurance
  • Billing for vehicles that only have property damage coverage
  • Obtaining payment from insurance companies

These classes are critical for you to remain in business.

Your bottom line will double.

These classes are essential for anyone interested in building a successful towing and recovery company.

Other training institutions teach you how to tow and do recoveries the proper way; we teach you how to be more profitable using the techniques you’ve acquired by having the ability to bill for your services.

Classes are limited to the first 20 companies, we recommend the company owner and the main billing clerk to attend, one price includes both individuals, class sizes are critical because of the tremendous amount of information that has to be gone over.  Two repeat classes are absolutely free.  The next class is scheduled for June 24th, 2017 at our Massachusetts facility.  We personally guarantee that you will be totally blown away at how much more successful your company will become.  Call today for your reservations: 508-763-5927 and ask for Linda. Thank You and see you at the next class!

Just a few of the hundreds of testimonials…

I had the pleasure of attending this class this weekend. The whole operation is a class act operation from top to bottom. Every company that performs any type of recovery service should take this class. The class will pay for itself on your first recovery after the class. They also teach you to be professional and take pride in what you are doing.  I can’t wait for my next recovery and implement their practices. I also see a Rotator in our future.  Thanks Bob, Eric, and Linda.

Matt Brown’s Truck Repair, New Hampshire


The class is worth every hard earned penny it takes to attend. Go with an open mind and pay attention and when you get home be ready to change the way you do things. I don’t mean that they teach to use a Rotator on every job. It’s not about reinventing the wheel, just about getting paid for jobs you never did and to get paid for stuff you were already doing. I like to say I’ve been paid for several jobs since we have returned from the class that before I was taking initial tow plus title and calling the boss and being excited about getting that. This class has made our two locations stronger, and has had customers thank us for taking the time to go the extra step. Go…you won’t regret it. You will make friends for life.

Joe’s Towing & Recovery, Illinois


We at Nelcon have taken this class and on a scale of 1 – 10,,,, its easily a 50+ that’s how good this class is.  If you’re serious about this business then you need this tool in your toolbox.  Eric and the entire Fouquette family are second to none.  They not only care about their business they care about the entire industry and are constantly coming up with ways to improve it for everyone!!!!  Please attend the class and I would be very shocked if you did not agree with everyone here.

Nelcon Service Center, Connecticut


There is not a company out there that could not benefit from this training. We are primarily a diesel truck shop and truck road service provider. We are a small towing operation with limited equipment. Anyone that feels that without a rotator, payloader, lowboy and rolloff you are wasting your time and money has been poorly Misinformed! When you see the presentation and the hospitality they provide from Friday through Sunday in many cases, you realize their drive is not the money at all. It’s all about making the industry better as a whole. Lets face it, in this business TIME and MONEY are two things we can never have enough of, and sure as hell can’t WASTE! If you walk in with an open mind and tailor the class to your operation and resources you will see how quick the class can be paid for regardless of what you own.

Road Rescue Towing & Recovery, Inc., New York


We Attended The March 19th Class And Were Completely Amazed on What We Learned In Just One Day. We Paid For The Class Before We Even Returned Home In Just One Job! The Whole Time We Were There, We Felt Like We Were in Our Own Home. You Are Truly Wonderful People! Thanks For Helping Our Industry As Professionals! To Anyone Not Sure About Taking The Class, You Can’t Afford Not To.

AJ’s Automotive & Truck Inc., New York